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How to Get Started Investing in Fixer Uppers

What motivated us to start in the upper houses of the fixer, it was the repercussion of the September 11 attacks. Funds for environmental projects, such as the type I have worked, have been redirected to military activities and the future of my work seemed fragile.

Answer a newspaper announcement

Before reading, I read about real estate investment and when my wife and I attended a newspaper announcement for a relatively nice property in a relatively nice neighborhood, we made an offer on it and the liquidation of the purchase. We did not know much about what we jumped into, bought, we had a lot of enthusiasm. We learned as we went.


In the field of house repair, we have become taken by all trades, learning to repair almost everything that was in a fixing house. But in our company of the upper fixer niche, we were crises of one-to-one-merchandise. We remain focused on what we do best, correct, correct and rent. And if you do something often enough, you are quite good.

We worked like dogs, we slept like newspapers and we ate pork! But, now we have the routine down and wins money with less effort in our fixer business.

Investing in Fix-Hunchers is a great way to get a business in your free time. This can allow you to gradually strengthen financial security and possibly change a career where you control your destiny.

Is now a bad time to invest?

When I bought my first house, many thought I was crazy. After the 11th of September, there was a lot of uncertainty as to what would happen next. Will the country go to war? Did I lose my job? Will the economy go down the toilet?

Today, because of the possibility of a recession, people make the same arguments. But remember that you do not have money by buying homes when the economy is strong. The prices are too high then. You make your money when the economy is weak and the price of housing are weak and negotiable.

Source by Terry Sprouse

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