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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cloud Hosting Services to Protect Essential Data

Cloud hosting is an option for growing websites. The service provides multiple servers to balance the load. At the same time, website owners can also maximize uptime. 

It also helps to cover if one of the servers fails to work and keep everything running. Indeed, you still have to know the benefits and drawbacks of using cloud hosting services.


  • Save Capital Cost 

Saving capital cost is one of the best reasons why website owners have to use cloud hosting services. Let's say you don’t need to spend money on physical hardware. Because of that, you also don’t have to find personnel to maintain the hardware. The cloud service provider is the one that will manage the equipment and system.   

  • Easy To Use 

Cloud hosting service is not only saving capital cost but also is easy to use. Website owners don’t have to master sophisticated skills or knowledge only to use this service. The systems allow you to manage the hosting by the internet. As a result, website owners can access this service and its infrastructure right away. 

  • Easy To Access Data 

You don’t need to worry about your data. You can access the data anywhere and anytime. The service is always accessible so you can improve productivity and efficiency while running a website. Cloud hosting service even supports users to collaborate and share data among others even in multiple locations.

  • Provide Users with Backup and Recovery 

Automatic data backup is another great advantage of using cloud hosting service. It limits the lose of data if there is something wrong with the system. You also don’t have to think about the data backup anymore because the service helps to do it.    

  • Easy to Scalable 

You can add or subtract resources based on your needs. The bigger the website or company, the bigger the system. Indeed, this service is easy to scalable to follow the growth of your website or company. 


  • Bandwidth 

Most cloud hosting services run with a limited bandwidth. It means that clients can’t pack large amounts of servers and storage devices into small data centers. 

Performance and Technical Issues 

The performance of the cloud hosting services varies depending on the systems and technology. You have to be selective in choosing the right service. Users often have to deal with technical issues. The technical issue level depends on the way the cloud hosting companies maintain their services.

  • Security 

Cloud hosting companies have to think about investing more money in security systems. Security system becomes one of the common drawbacks of this service. It is an important consideration because you are about to share sensitive information to a third-party cloud computing service. Make sure that the company has a good reputation in handling hackers.  

  • Downtime

Another common cloud hosting issue is downtime. Cloud hosting providers often face power loss. As a result, you have to postpone your plan in accessing your data. 

Internet Connectivity 

Make sure that you access your data in the cloud hosting with good internet connectivity. You can’t access it without the internet. You may also fail to access it with bad internet connectivity.  

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